Friday, June 29, 2007

Killer phone – Apple iPhone

In less than couple of hours from now, one of the most talked and anticipated product launch of this year is about to happen. Yes, I am talking about the iPhone release from Apple.

I first heard about iPhone, I think it was in last December, when Mr. Steve Jobs had its official launch. I went on to see the video out of curiosity, since Apple or for that matter Mr. Jobs is famous for coming up with something contemporary.

When I saw the launch video, I was sure that I was watching one of the most incredible gadgets I had ever seen in my life. The first thing which struck me, of course after the design, was that it is going to be a killer machine. Killer machine, in the sense that it is going to change the rules of the game.

The mobile phones which once started as simple devices to call people, went on to add more functions and became smart enough to be called smartphones. So now we have phones like Nokia N95s or Sony Ericsson's K800s, with smart functions and good camera respectively. That was a long journey considering the technologies that went into making these machines. The scarier part of iPhone launch is that our phone, the one which you and I use to make call to our loved ones, is going get outdated.

One thing I liked about the iPhone is the level of secrecy involved in the development of the device. Considering that Apple had a number of partners of the likes of Yahoo, AT&T or Cingular for the development, there were not too many instances of leaked information to the public. Most of the people like me were not even aware that Apple was developing a phone in the first place! Even my friend, Matt, who I consider as a  gadget/tech/google geek, was caught off guarded with Mr. Jobs announcement in last December.

Coming back to the killer machine theory, iPhone as I mentioned earlier is going to set the rules now. It is going to get the first mover advantage as we say in management books. There are couple of things which really worth mentioning about the device. First is of course its sleek design. There is no stylish phone in the market which can even think of being a competition to iPhone. With technology also, it is far ahead of its competitors when you consider the zooming and picture viewing capabilities. (I wonder what the Nokias and Sony Ericssons were doing all these long, sleeping?)

If I can borrow the words of Prof. Flynn who taught Corporate Strategy in Griffith, now our phones are going to become dinosaurs, meaning extinct. That is why I said in the beginning iPhone is going to be a killer device.

Any way time is ticking and the launch is only couple of hours from now. I am not a huge fan of Apple, but you like it or not, as things stand, it’s Apple all the way. But how long it is going to stay this way, only time will tell.

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